Physical Oceanography Lab

Major themes of physical oceanography include dynamics of ocean currents on various spatial scales, temporal variability of these currents, distribution of heat, salt and other water properties and their transport through the ocean basins, and interactions between open oceans and marginal seas. We explore physical processes in the ocean, interaction of the ocean with the atmosphere, and ocean's role in the Earth's climate and ecosystems, mainly based on field observation using research vessels and data analysis using statistical tools.


our current research focus

North Pacific Western Boundary Currents

북태평양 서안경계류 해역

Equatorial Pacific Ocean


Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge

열대 남서인도양 용승해역

ocean observation instruments we have

Workhorse Long Ranger Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (75 kHz)

Inverted Echo Sounders equipped with bottom pressure gauges and current meters (CPIES)

Acoustic Release Handling System (deck unit)

Handled Radio Direction Finder

Rugged Laptop

Lab Members

We are looking for motivated students with a keen interest and solid background in ocean sciences, physics, mathematics, or computer science. Please take a look at our recent publications to give you an idea of current projects. However, we welcome students who think and work independently, so that they can challenge and extend the group's expertise and interests.

Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Seung Yong Lee 이승용

Jul 2018–
2019년 9월 박사과정 시작
2018년 7월-2019년 8월: 서울대학교 해양연구소 연구원(연구실 인턴)

Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Eunsun Lee 이은선

Apr 2019– 
2019년 9월 박사과정 시작
2019년 4월-8월: 서울대학교 해양연구소 연구원(연구실 인턴)

Graduate Student (M.S.-Ph.D.)

Jihwan Kim 김지환

Mar 2019–
2019년 3월 석박사통합과정 시작


Former Members

Graduate Student (M.S.)

Chanmi Kim 김찬미

Sep 2018–Aug 2020
2020년 8월 석사 졸업

Graduated (M.S.)

Jiwon Kang 강지원

Mar 2018–Feb 2020
2020년 2월 석사 졸업
2020년 6월 기상청 인턴

Undergraduate Student Intern

Hansol Shin 신한솔

Winter 2018/2019
겨울방학 학부생 연구 인턴


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