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#: student advisee, *: corresponding author

Generation and propagation of 21-day bottom pressure variability driven by wind stress curl in the East China Sea

Hua Zheng, Xiao-Hua Zhu*, Hirohiko Nakamura, Jae-Hun Park, Chanhyung Jeon, Ruixiang Zhao, Ayako Nishina, Chuanzheng Zhang, Hanna Na, Ze-Nan Zhu, Hong-Sik Min

Acta Oceanologica Sinica (2020) 

Tempo-spatial variations of the Ryukyu Current southeast of Miyakojima Island determined from mooring observations

Ruixiang Zhao, Hirohiko Nakamura, ​Xiao-Hua Zhu*, Jae-Hun Park, Ayako Nishina, Chuanzheng Zhang, Hanna Na, Chanhyung Jeon, Ze-Nan Zhu, Hong Sik Min

Scientific Reports (2020)

Potential Predictability of Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) Catches in the Western Central Pacific

Jihwan Kim#, Hanna Na*, Young-Gyu Park, Young Ho Kim

Scientific Reports (2020)

Poleward-propagating near-inertial waves enabled by the western boundary current

Chanhyung Jeon, Jae-Hun Park*, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, Xiao-Hua Zhu, Dong Guk Kim, Hong Sik Min, Sok Kuh Kang, Hanna Na, Naoki Hirose

Scientific Reports (2019)

Vertical feedback mechanism of winter Arctic amplification and sea ice loss

Kwang-Yul Kim*, Ji-Young Kim, Jinju Kim, Saerim Yeo, Hanna Na, Benjamin D. Hamlington, and Robert R. Leben

Scientific Reports (2019)

Interannual to decadal variability of the upper-ocean heat content in the western North Pacific and its relationship to oceanic and atmospheric variability

Hanna Na*, Kwang-Yul Kim, Shoshiro Minobe, and Yoshi N. Sasaki

Journal of Climate (2018)